Art Direction / Brand Identity

Crafting a brand for a brighter outlook.

Aseana is an energy company committed to preserving and protecting our natural environments. The challenge for this project was to create a yet dynamic identity system that complemented the company’s ambition and positioned them as an organization invested in a smarter future.

The centerpiece for this identity is the logo. The construction was carefully crafted in order to create a harmonious and balanced feel that will allow it to endure long into the future. The blueprint for the logo also fed into the actual application of the identity across all touchpoints. Using the blueprint, portions of color were blocked out and the logo itself was cropped in various ways which allowed it to feel different across applications while also maintaining its presence within a unified system.

To pair with the dynamic graphic treatment, I picked a photo style that not only matched the color palette, but also mirrored the boldness of the overall style. Helvetica Neue was chosen as a primary typeface that clearly communicated messaging without overpowering the graphic treatment and photography.

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