Art Direction / Brand Identity

Crafting a brand for a brighter outlook.

Aseana is an energy company committed to preserving and protecting our natural environments. The challenge for this project was to create a flexible, yet dynamic identity system that complemented the company’s ambition and positioned them as an organization invested in a smarter future.

When approaching the design of this identity, my primary jumping off point was creating a healthy balance between two descriptions: approachable and refined. In other words, the identity needed to feel clean, organized, and modern, but also needed to speak to consumers in a way that felt friendly and useful. Both of these considerations informed my choice to use Helvetica Neue as the primary typeface, as well as this particular color palette paired with the bubbles in the graphic pattern.

This approach was then implemented throughout a range of marketing material. The bubble pattern created variety within the material, allowing it to flex in and out when necessary. This created a lively feel that tapped into approachability. I also created various layouts to understand how best to use various sizes, weights, and spacing within the type family to create enough range and pacing without losing the clean and refined feel.

The identity for Aseana worked well to create flexibility over a range of marketing material and allowed for different types of expression while remaining true to how the brand intends to communicate.

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