Huge New Business Collateral

At Huge I work closely with senior leadership to refine brand identity and ensure all applications are consistent and continuously telling the agency’s story in unique ways. The mandate for the new identity was to create an aesthetic based on balance. Specifically, using spatial arrangement and scale to create larger than life representation of the type of work that comes out of Huge.

With this in mind, I focused on creating a system of typographic scale that could be used throughout all marketing material to ensure typography worked together harmoniously no matter what size was used. Additionally, imagery needed to be bold to match this new direction. Subjects in imagery were positioned to bleed off the edge when appropriate to reiterate the bold approach. The new brand really thrives on the juxtaposition of large and small and personality would come out during this usage. Most of the new direction was implemented within the context of new business marketing material which is often confidential in nature. So below I’ve created a series of sample layouts that represent the essence of the new identity.

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