Art Direction / Brand Identity

Shifting perception with identity.

Motiv created a brand identity before the product launched and since found that this identity was not aligned with the expectation and experience. The brand historically spoke to the fitness/athletic crowd, but that narrative shifted and the product eventually aligned better with a more fashion forward demographic.

The logo for Motiv needed to be clean cut and modern. With this in mind, I set out to create a logo that centered around symmetry and balance. This approach also lended itself to simplicity which was another key objective. It was imperative that this logo be legible at a small scale as it would be featured prominently within digital and print environments.

The identity also took on a unique color palette and typography to emphasize modern luxury within the wearable category. Photography all uses a consistent photo treatment that allows all imagery to take on a distinct look within a consistent manner. These identity elements all combine to shift Motiv into a unique market position that allows them to be more relatable to their core audience.

© 2018 Kyle Stuart