Art Direction / Brand Identity

Rebranding for a stronger position.

Pengram facilitates the interaction whereby technical experts remotely instruct technicians with complicated operations to enhance productivity and efficiency in enterprise collaboration. The company’s existing only consisted of a logo and failed to communicate any sort of differentiation in the marketplace.

Creating a unique personality for this company was imperative for this rebrand. The company not only needed to standout among competitors, it also needed to inspire its own workforce. With this in mind, I decided to explore abstract shapes for the company’s logomark. This “P” was then created and meticulously scaled against the logotype for a pixel-perfect arrangement.

The surrounding identity needed to be energetic, as it would stand up against other tech companies with equally expressive identities. For this energetic quality, I used a lime green in the logomark but paired it down with a forest green background. For a secondary palette, I included a lighter blue shade as well as a contrasting maroon.

I also created various layouts to understand how best to use various sizes, weights, and spacing within the type family to create enough range and pacing without losing the feeling that makes the new Pengram identity truly unique.

Pengram’s new identity feels clean and unique while also adhering to a vibrant quality. The expression feels fresh but also gown up and meant to be taken seriously.

© 2018 Kyle Stuart