Art Direction / Brand Identity

Rebranding for a stronger position.

Pengram facilitates the interaction whereby technical experts remotely instruct technicians with complicated operations to enhance productivity and efficiency in enterprise collaboration. The company’s existing identity only consisted of a logo and failed to communicate any sort of differentiation in the marketplace.

For a unique stance in the marketplace, I decided to explore abstract shapes for the company’s logomark. Out of this exploration, a “P” was created and carefully scaled against the logotype for a pixel-perfect arrangement. To pair with the distinct color palette and the bold photo style, I created a graphic pattern to introduce variety throughout all the touchpoints. The pattern includes shapes that resemble elements in the logo in order to maintain familiarity, but the arrangement of the shapes could be shifted to avoid any monotony

Pengram’s new identity feels clean and unique while also adhering to a vibrant quality. And its expression feels fresh while also maintaining a level of professionalism and rigor.

© 2018 Kyle Stuart