Decoded Conference

Created the brand identity for Decoded, a tech conference focused on elevating the conversation surrounding the intersection between technology and design. Created a bold, unique set of graphic elements within a flexible system that was applied to a range of event touchpoints and marketing communication.

Univer Energy

Inspired by the swiss design movement, created a simple logo and brand identity system for an energy company. Focused on creating a concept with a timeless aesthetic and flexible characteristics.

Untitled Magazine

Created various layouts for the fictitious magazine Untitled, covering photography’s role in fashion. This project was initiated as a way to explore how unique layouts could emphasize bold imagery.

Corporate Campus Practice

Worked with the corporate campus practice area leaders to develop a kit of parts for marketing their services. The strategy behind this project was to create a flexible, but cohesive system that could be used for a wide range of marketing efforts. Whether these efforts were formal presentations for digital submissions, the system is meant to allow practitioners to sell their services on the fly.

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